Why Does My Car Shake When Braking?

Mechanic Working On Brakes

Your brakes are probably the most critical part of your vehicle, so any issues with them need to be addressed right away for your own safety. If you’re out and about in Lake Havasu City and feel that your car trembles when braking, there are a few different things that could be happening. No matter what, you’ll want to get to the bottom of the problem so you can solve it before it gets worse. The service team at Anderson Auto Group has put together a guide outlining the three most common causes of a car trembling when you apply the brake. Check it out, and feel free to contact our service center with any questions!



Possibility 1: Warped Brake Rotors

If your entire car trembles when braking, it might be caused by a warped brake rotor. Your brake rotors work with the brake pads to stop the wheels when you press down on the brake pedals, and if they’re warped or damaged in any way, it can cause the car to shake and the brakes to make a grinding noise. Braking rotors wear down over time and sped up if there’s excessive heat in the braking system. If this ends up being the problem, we can replace your brake rotors and get you safely back on the road.

Possibility 2: Worn-Out Brake Pads

As we discussed above, your brake rotors and brake pads are responsible for applying the brakes when you press down on the pedal. Worn-out brake pads can cause a quivering feeling in the car just like warped brake rotors. Fortunately, worn-out brake pads can be easily replaced by the service team at Anderson Auto Group.

Possibility 3: Suspension and Alignment Problems

If there are problems with your vehicle’s suspension or alignment, it can cause your car to tremble when you hit the brakes. Just like your brake rotors and brake pads, the components of your suspension–such as ball joints and wheel bearing–wear out with time. If they’re too worn down, or if there’s an issue with your alignment, your vehicle can start to vibrate or shake when you’re braking.

Get Your Car Serviced at Anderson Auto Group

If you’ve diagnosed your car trembling when braking with one of the causes above–or if you’re still not sure what’s causing the problem–go ahead and contact our office to schedule a service appointment! We’ll take care of everything and get you back on the Bullhead City and Hemet roads in no time. You can also check out our service tips and tricks for more ways to keep your car in the best condition possible on the road.


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