Premium vs. Regular Gas: What’s the Difference?

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Are you curious about the difference between premium and regular gas? At Anderson Auto Group, we provide handy service tips like comparing premium vs. regular gas, so you have the information needed to ensure you’re doing what’s best for your new or used vehicle. For additional information, or if you have any questions, visit our service center near Lake Havasu City.

What is Premium Gasoline? 

Premium gas and regular gas share similar qualities: both are produced from cruise oil and are combustible. Where they differ is regarding their respective octane levels. Most premium gas has an octane level of 90 or above. Premium gas also works to keep your engine cleaner, ultimately leading to less pollution.

What is Regular Unleaded Gasoline? 

Regular unleaded gasoline, which is the most common type of gasoline, works perfectly for most vehicles on the Bullhead City roads. This gas is better for the environment than leaded gasoline, which used to be ubiquitous, but is now no longer used. The octane level of regular unleaded gas, which shows how well it can fight inappropriate fuel combustion, is 87.

What’s the Difference Between Premium and Regular Gas?

These options may seem similar, but several factors set them apart: 

  • Octane Rating: The higher the octane level, the fewer chances of the engine knocking. This could damage the vehicle. Also, pre-ignition is less common with premium gasoline. 
  • Engine Suitability: Regular unleaded gas burns more quickly than premium gas, making it a better option for engines with low compression ratios. Engines that have a high compression ratio benefit better from premium gasoline. 
  • Price: Premium gas can cost 20 to 40 cents more per gallon than regular unleaded gas, which quickly adds up if you drive through the Hemet area and beyond a lot. 

If you haven’t decided whether premium vs. regular gas is right for you, consider these tips:

  • If premium gas isn’t required, it won’t boost your vehicle’s performance or longevity.
  • If your vehicle requires premium gas, using regular gas won’t typically harm the vehicle. However, if you hear knocking when using regular unleaded gas, switch to premium gasoline. 
  • It may be necessary to use premium gas in cars that utilize turbochargers. 

Get Additional Tips at the Anderson Auto Group Service Center!

If you would like to know more about premium vs. regular gas, reach out to our team at our Lake Havasu City service center. We provide helpful tips to ensure your vehicle keeps performing at its best for years to come. 

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