Coupe vs. Sedan: What’s the Difference?

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When deciding between a coupe vs. sedan for your new car, you’ll need to consider what you’re looking for in styling, size, performance, and door count. These differences between coupe and sedan models give each their distinctive style and appeal. See whether a sedan vs. coupe is the best fit for you with Anderson Auto Group, and then test drive one of each for yourself at our dealership in Lake Havasu City! 

What’s the Difference Between a Coupe and Sedan?

While your immediate thought may be that sedans have four doors while coupes have two, the differences are far greater than that. Some typical differences between coupes and sedans include: 

  • Exterior Style: Coupes generally have a shorter stature, which results in longer doors and longer rear windows. These provide an overall sportier look. Sedans, on the other hand, tend to sport shorter doors that provide a balanced side profile. They also emphasize luxury styling. 
  • Door Count: While some brands do offer four-door coupes, most often you’ll find coupes as two-door vehicles while sedans are normally four-door. 
  • Performance: Thanks to their smaller size, coupes experience a decrease in size and weight which allows for sportier handling. Meanwhile, to compensate for their larger weight and size, sedans are outfitted with additional engine options and suspension upgrades.
  • Seating: Coupes offer a more compact interior, and they can normally seat two passengers in the rear seats. With sedans, you can enjoy seating for five and more spacious head and legroom. 
  • Cargo Space: Longer by nature, sedans offer more cargo space than their coupe counterparts. 

Picking a Sedan vs. Coupe: Which Fits You Better?

Coupes are ideal if you prefer more athletic handling to get you through Kingman and if you don’t need a large amount of cargo space or seating. If you have a larger family or frequently need to fill your trunk up, you’ll appreciate the added space provided by a sedan model. 

Test Out a Sedan vs. Coupe at Anderson Auto Group

If you’d like to explore the differences between a sedan vs. coupe by getting behind the wheel, schedule a test drive today at Anderson Auto Group near Bullhead City. We can showcase popular models from Toyota, Nissan, and more to find your dream car!

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