What are the Benefits of Electric Vehicles?

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Drivers all over Lake Havasu City have heard about the environmental benefits of electric cars, but what are the other benefits of electric cars that you may have missed? Beyond the superb fuel economy and lower emissions, EV drivers love the terrific performance and low-maintenance ownership of these high-tech vehicles. So if you’re thinking about making the switch, allow Anderson Auto Group to introduce you to some of the other benefits of electric cars – and visit us in Lake Havasu City for your test drive today!



Benefits of Electric Vehicles

The EV segment has grown with leaps and bounds to keep up with the intense demand over the years, and modern electric vehicles are better than ever. Now there’s no end to the options you can buy, including everything from subcompact sedans to sprawling trucks! Here are some of the benefits of electric cars that might encourage you to go green:

  • Zero Emissions: There are plenty of environmental benefits of electric cars, but one of the top benefits is the lack of tailpipe emissions. Because electric cars don’t have an exhaust system, exhaust emissions are not a byproduct of your Bullhead City travels at all.
  • Renewable Energy: Another key environmental benefit of electric cars is that they can use renewable energy. That means they can take advantage of renewable resources such as solar, wind, or even water.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Sick of scheduling those oil changes? Fully electric vehicles don’t use engine oil at all, so you can say goodbye to routine oil changes. Plus, you can fuel your car in your home!
  • Quieter Drive: One unexpected benefit of electric vehicles the serene ride quality. Without the noisy sounds of the engine, you’ll just experience the peace of the open road.
  • Performance: Electric vehicles are stronger and more dynamic than ever with near-instantaneous torque, which means you can still experience thrilling power behind the wheel.

Test Drive a New EV Model at Anderson Auto Group

Whether you want to learn more about the EV segment or you’re ready to pick out your next ride, visit Anderson Auto Group to get started. Our team can showcase all the great features of the latest hybrid and electric vehicles, so contact us today for more information.


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