Should I Fix My Car Before Trading In?

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Should I repair my car before trading it in? That’s a question a lot of drivers ask in Lake Havasu City. There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, but the finance and service professionals at Anderson Auto Group have some guidelines you might want to consider. Fixing your car before trading it in has some advantages, but there’s some stuff you can just leave to us. Read on and learn more about this unique nuance of car buying!

Fix My Car Before Trade: What Not To Fix

Now that you’re asking “should I fix my car before trading it in?” we’ve got to tell you what not to fix first and foremost. Bullhead City drivers should know these things going in:

  • Major repairs will likely cost you a decent amount, which will cut into your take from trading the car in.
  • The dealership knows how to fix major issues at a lower cost than you can expect to spend out of pocket.
  • You might not always get a detailed inspection of your car before you finalize the trade. This means you might not have the cost of repairs deducted from your vehicle when you trade it in.

Fix My Car Before Trade: What to Fix

Now, it’s time to walk you through what you should fix as a Kingman driver. Most of the time, what you’ll want to fix are minor things that appeal to the presentation of the car. You don’t want to get a lower trade-in value because of cosmetic issues that can be fixed on the cheap.

  • Thoroughly clean your car, taking out the garbage and personal items inside it.
  • Get the car washed so it looks nice and shiny when it’s getting evaluated.
  • Minor scratches and dents can be fixed at home with simple tools available at the auto parts store.
  • Be sure your lights and fluids are all looking proper too.

Trade In Your Car with Us

You’re well on your way to your next car when you take your trade to the pros at Anderson Auto Group. We’ve got a convenient value your trade tool on our website that will get you an estimate on your trade-in car without any of the fuss. Contact us today and we’ll be your guide through this process.

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